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Featured Editorials

Agua Caliente Resort Casinos Provides the Ultimate Guest Experiences


Agua Caliente Resort Casinos, build for the long term. By Peter White

Success begets success at the Agua Caliente casino chain, which continues to grow in the Palm Springs area of Southern California. It’s an unforgiving land for the unprepared, but the Agua Caliente casinos were ready for their moment in the sun, a moment which is stretching into generations. One casino has grown into three, and a fuel station and standalone spa have been spun off for good measure. For a look at how this gaming phenomenon continues and burgeons, Publisher Peter White spoke with the casinos' Chief Operating Officer Saverio Scheri. Their conversation follows …

ZItro Continues to Create Great New Games


Zitro looks back on ICE 2024 and ahead to 2025. By Peter White

As 40,000-plus attendees flooded ICE, one of the standout booths they would have seen was that for Zitro. The game maker brandished a fistful of new casino-floor games, in addition to its online repertory. ICE London also marked the European debut of Zitro’s wide-area progressive (WAP) games. To sort through the rush of sensations, Publisher Peter White sat down with Zitro International President Sebastian Salat.

With regard to Zitro's presence at ICE 2024, what novelties did attendees find at the company’s booth?

MONOGRAM Is the marketing agency for luxury lifestyle operators


Amy Colbourn, managing director of business strategy for MONOGRAM, chats with Peter White

You’re running a Las Vegas resort that’s due to open soon. How do you stand out in a crowded marketplace? Ideally, you find an agency that thinks outside the box. In the case of Virgin Las Vegas, you pick up the phone and call MONOGRAM. It’s a newish marketing agency that paradoxically has a wealth of experience in Sin City. MONOGRAM Managing Director of Business Strategy Amy Colbourn unravels that paradox for our own Peter White in a recent conversation.

Could you begin by telling us a little about yourself?

Hard Rock Sacramento Is Where Performance is Key


Mark Birtha, President, Hard Rock Sacramento speaks to Peter White and David McKee

Hard Rock is one of the best brands in gaming, maybe *the* best. What differentiates it in a crowded casino landscape?

Hard Rock International is in the midst of unprecedented growth and is seeing significant expansion opportunities around the world in our casino, hotel, and café divisions. It is hard to believe the organization recently celebrated its fiftieth anniversary, and yet the brand is fresh and the most in-demand it has ever been. But there are clearly reasons why the company has been and continues to be so successful.

Gaming Prevention Against Fraud


Casinos and other gaming businesses: Change mindset to protect against fraud. By David Navarro, Nevada Regional President Enterprise Bank & Trust, Member FDIC

The bulk of popular culture references and media coverage related to fraudulent activity at casinos focus on threats within the confines of a building. From card counters to machine manipulation to nefarious employees, the gaming industry continually adapts to trends in an effort to minimize losses. However, a recent high-profile cyber attack provided a stark reminder that increased and necessary reliance on technology continues to change the nature of threats industry leaders face.

IFX Payments & the Global Payments Sector


From its humble origins in Amersham, IFX Payments is growing into a force in the global payments sector. What once was a handful of staff has become a workforce of almost 200.

Vendors looking to tackle the problem of making mass payments to multiple clients in multiple currencies can find IFX to be a one-stop shop. To examine this phenomenon, Publisher Peter White recently sat down with Simon Hughes, sales director of 360 Sales at IFX Payments. Their ensuing conversation has been edited for clarity.

Let's begin by explaining your 'backstory' and how you got started in this industry.

Casino Kiel: No Jacket Required


Ambassador of a port city, Casino Kiel celebrates 25 years of entertainment. An interview with Tilo Schwonbeck, Director, Casino Kiel

Voyagers to Kiel, Germany, can find a welcome at the city’s eponymous casino. Opened in 1998, it offers a modest but widely varied repertory of gambling, as well as other amenities. The dress code is described as “upscale leisure,” not requiring that players wear jackets, let alone ties. (However, the casino will lend you such attire if you feel the need for it.)
The casino’s lounge is another heavy draw, especially for those who want to eschew gambling but still have a glass of wine or other libation in an elegant setting.

Station Casinos Las Vegas: New Wine for Old Bottles


Station Casinos dramatically revamps two of its signature properties. By Ryan Slattery

It’s turning out to be a big year for Station Casinos. The Las Vegas-based casino giant has been busy not only building a brand-new casino-resort, Durango, but also renovating its other properties all across the Las Vegas valley.

Otium Casino Batumi Georgia: The Gaming Environment


An interview with Ramachander Siva, CEO Otium Casino Batumi 

One of the newest casinos in Batumi, Otium, is located in the architecturally significant high-rise building of the Marriott Courtyard Hotel. Quite quickly the casino gained popularity among local and international players, despite a harsh competition in this market. We have met Mr. Ramachandar Siva, the CEO of Otium casino.

Can you tell us about the history and background of the casino in Batumi? Why did you decide to open a casino in this city?

Casino 2000: At the crossroads of Europe


Reflecting upon the storied past of Casino 2000, its leader outlines a regimen for its future by Peter White and David McKee

Tucked away in the spa town of Mondorf-les-Bains is Casino 2000, a smallish but innovative property that markets itself to both France and Germany, each of which is a stone’s throw distant. The adults-only property is run by General Manager Guido Berghmans, who has been with Casino 2000 for nearly all of its four decades. Catering to grown-up gamblers and Francophone audiences, particularly in its entertainment regime, Casino 2000 strives to be up to date and cosmopolitan in its offerings.