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Bettson Group look forward to ‘pivotal’ iGB L!VE

As the igaming community prepares for July’s edition of iGB L!VE - the last to be held at the RAI Amsterdam prior to the 2025 migration to London - Shakyra Jonsson, Senior Affiliate Operations and Events Manager at Betsson Group, identifies the trends, the opportunities and the threats facing the industry and explains how iGB L!VE is a pivotal platform for networking and developing key strategic partnerships.

What do you regard as being the three most important industry trends which visitors can expect to see at iGB L!VE 2024?

Responsible gaming has become a cornerstone of our industry driven by increasing regulatory pressures as well as a growing awareness of the potential harms that can be associated with gambling. I’m extremely happy to see more companies prioritising player protection through various measures, such as implementing advanced AI tools and algorithms to detect problematic behaviour, offering self-exclusion programmes, the setting of deposit limits, and much more.

Image: Shakyra Jonson, Senior Affiliate Operations & Events Manager, Betsson Group

The development of emerging markets is also key and present important growth opportunities for the industry. By expanding into these markets, operators and affiliates can diversify their revenue streams and mitigate risks associated with saturation in more traditional markets. The third trend that I would identify is the move towards providing personalised gaming experiences. The advancements in data analytics as well as AI enables operators to deliver bespoke gaming experiences which are tailored to individual player preferences. This includes personalised promotions, game recommendations, and user interfaces, all of which enhance player engagement and retention.

In your opinion what are the three main opportunities facing the industry over the next 12-months?

In terms of opportunities, I think AI is definitely up there. Companies will be leveraging AI to provide highly personalised experiences through which they can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and retention. In addition AI will be used to help in identifying and mitigating problem gambling behaviours courtesy of predictive analytics. Another opportunity will be the wider adoption of Web 3 technologies, such as blockchain, which can enhance transparency and fairness by providing irreversible records of bets and outcomes, which in turn will enhance trust-based relationships between brands and consumers. I think we will also see operators more actively exploring cryptocurrency as a payment method. The third opportunity is enhancing live gaming experiences through exclusive game variants, localised content, and interactive features such as AR and VR integration. By offering high-quality, differentiated experiences with multilingual dealers, themed events, and branded production, companies can attract and retain a loyal player base.

What about the threats – what do they look like?

As I see it the three main threats facing the industry over the next 12-months will be regulatory uncertainty, cybersecurity risks, alongside market saturation and competition. Rapidly evolving regulatory landscapes across jurisdictions pose challenges in terms of compliance, licensing, and market access, requiring companies to stay agile and adaptable to navigate these changes. Cybersecurity threats such as data breaches and cyberattacks remain a significant concern, necessitating robust security measures and risk mitigation strategies to protect customer data and maintain trust. Additionally, in certain regions, market saturation and intense competition can lead to pressures and challenges in customer acquisition and retention, making it crucial for companies to innovate and find unique value propositions to stand out and both recruit and retain customers.

iGB L!VE continues to grow both in terms of exhibitors/sponsors (35% more than in 2023) and attendees (10,000 projected in July): how important is iGB L!VE to your business and for what reasons?

iGB L!VE serves as a pivotal platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and forging strategic partnerships. It provides invaluable opportunities to connect with current and prospective stakeholders, gain insights into emerging trends, and showcase our latest innovations and offerings.

What do you expect to gain from participating in July’s show and what does success look like?

Our objectives are to forge new partnerships, engage with industry leaders and meet with potential collaborators, and solution providers. Overall, we want to explore synergies and opportunities for mutual growth. The event enables us to showcase our expertise, products, and services reinforcing our position as a trusted and innovative Affiliate Programme. iGB L!VE keeps us informed about market trends, regulatory developments, and consumer preferences through panel discussions, workshops, and networking sessions. Success will see us establish meaningful connections, gain valuable insights and generate tangible leads all of which will contribute ultimately contributing to Betsson Group’s strategic objectives.

Lastly, how do you think the industry will say farewell to Amsterdam and what are your aspirations arising from iGB L!VE’s relocation to London in 2025?

The industry will bid farewell to Amsterdam with a nostalgic and grateful sentiment, cherishing the memories of the successful iGB Amsterdam events which have been held over the years. With ICE relocating to Barcelona, iGB L!VE’s move to London presents a valuable strategic opportunity.

For more information on iGB L!VE (16-19 July 2024: Expo Days 17-18 July) and to register for free visit: https://www.igblive.com